About Us

A short history of a long journey.

The journey started with a teenage birthday present of a plastic Kodak 127 camera. With my father, it accompanied me to races at St Albans, East London and other club events. When the wind was fair, I was able to bicycle to St Albans in time to visit the pits before racing began.

In 1961 I did the Colonial Sabbatical to the UK and the plastic Kodak went with. A friend with no interest in photography or racing was persuaded to buy a 35 mm camera and take colour slides. To my regret, I wasn’t persuaded. Just before returning home, I bought a Russian 35 mm camera from an impoverished Australian for five quid and in a hectic round used it at Brands, Goodwood, Aintree and the Isle of Man. Speed and aperture were set by means of Kodak’s handy leaflet: 60th @ f11 cloudy bright etc.

None of the photographs taken during this period are Mona Lisas, and it was only after a fair bit of soul searching that I decided to include them in this collection. They do have historical interest as I have sold a surprising number of these, so have a close look, the gem you have sought may well be here..

Back in SA, a succession of Minolta cameras accompanied me during an enjoyable few years competing mostly at club level in an Anglia in the 60s. With that over, I could afford a Minolta 101 SLR and a 135 mm lens. Telephoto heaven! Later came a 300 mm Soligor on the assumption that bigger is better. Wrong. By then I was in the Transvaal and helping the Sports Car Club on race days at Kyalami in the press room. I saw few races, but had the privilege of having free run of the place during practices and when off duty.

Today I am trying to get my head around an all-dancing-all-singing digital Sony and enjoying photographing the burgeoning historic racing movement in South Africa..

I trust the magic of yesterdays’ motor racing is here for you with the magic of today’s technology.
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